Thursday, June 19, 2008


Sunday wil be my third triathlon. It is the Subaru Women's Triathlon in Naperville,IL. I have alot of mixed feelings going into this one:

*It will be my longest open water swim (750).

*It will be close to home with no travel. Quite a few people that I know will be there competing and watching.

*I know the course and for the first time on the bike and run I will not be facing hills.

*I am starting to have expectations of time goals and I don't want to fall into that.

*This is my last tri befor Steelhead HIM. There is only 6 weeks left.

Besides my OW swim on Monday, it was a good week for training. I backed it down alittle but not alot. My legs are not as tired. After Sunday, the next 3-4 weeks I need to push myself harder and increase my hours.

This weekend also is our Relay for Life.Our team will set up at the local High School track with many other teams. It is a celebration of life and a major effort to raise money for the American Cancer Society. Our team has raised almost $2,000. Alot of the participants spend the noght at the track and someone is always walking. My favorite part is the survivors lap. The most touching part is when they read off the names of the loved ones who have died due to cancer and light candles around the track. It will be a special night.

Good Luck to GeekGirl, SW TriGal, Sweet Baboo, FeLady, and all the others at IMCDA.

Waddling into the weekend................


Joe said...

And you are gonna do great!!! Close to home and you will face the swim and emerge from the water thrilled with your performance!!

Enjoy your Saturday...and have huge fun on Sunday...look forward to the report!

GeekGirl said...

No hills? NO HILLS! OMG, I would be in heaven. Have fun and good luck!

amybee said...

good luck to you tomorrow! You should have a great race and a wonderful day.

Looking forward to reading the race report.

RunBubbaRun said...

Good luck this Sunday, I have a training partner racing there as well..

Have fun.

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Best wishes with your race tomorrow!!

the juice said...

You sound totally preprared--you know the course and know yourself! Here's to great weather and good food at the finish!

Kim said...

If your looking for some open water swim time at a longer distance in prep for Steelhead... in Plesant Prarie this weekend, Saturday, there is a variety of swims, a 1 mile with 3.1 run, a 2 mile and 3 mile swim... I might have mentioned this to you before, if so sorry for the repeat...

I do believe I will do the 1 mile swim and 3.1 mile run.. I need to get use to the distance in the water without freaking out.

barbie2be said...

our relay for life was also last weekend. i did 42 laps on the 1.4 mile track. it's kind of sureal walking in the middle of the night in the dark like that.

irene sent me over to say congrats on your Tri! you rock!