Wednesday, July 30, 2008


My hubby asked me tonight why am I nervous? I thought for a moment. It seemed like a crazy question. He is into drag racing and does not quite understand my sport. Then I asked myself-why am I nervous?

Several thought as to why I am nervous about Steelhead:

  • I have never attempted anything like this before. It's an unknown.
  • I am new to swimming and this is a 1.2 mile open water swim in Lake Michigan
  • I have done 3 marathons and know how mentally tough it can get. There will be alot of demons out there waiting to talk to me.
  • There is no secret that I am doing this. Many people are watching and waiting to see how that I do.
  • I do not do well in hot weather. The forecast of 90 and humid is against me.
  • There are time cutoffs and I am very slow.
  • My goal was to be an example to my kids that you can put your mind to something and complete anything you want.

I think I could add many others but cannot think of them right now.I know everyone could add to the list also because I am sure that I am not the only on that is nervous.

The kids and I are leaving tomorrow for Benton Harbor. Hubby is unable to go. Bino checked over Sugar tonight and she is ready to ride. He also taped a note for me on my Aerobars- " Pain is temporary but quitting is forever" . I was blown away.

Waddling to make lists for packing...............


J~Mom said...

Try not to think about it too much!! I almost worried myself sick before my oly...don't do that. :>) We believe in you now you just have to believe in you!!!

21stCenturyMom said...

Race strong, my friend. You will be fine. Take lots of salt both on the bike and on the run - you will need it in the heat. Pack your bra with ice and put some in your hat.

And above all - just keep moving! You'll get there.

Iron "GeekGirl" Misty said...

Uh, somebody actually asked you why you're nervous?. Geesh. I know he means well, but--Geesh. I just hope you finish and have a great time. When you feel pressured, remember: It's just a nice day out in the country.

IronSnoopy said...

This is your victory lap! You've already proven you're a champ with losing the weight, learning to swim, joining master's swim, joining a running club and putting in the time on the training!

Trust yourself! You can and will do this!

Vickie said...

Teary eyed reading this. Can't wait to get together. We'll both be facing a lot of the same demons, so let's try to knock them out of the way!

Dan Seifring said...

Regardless of what happens you are a great example to your kids. Best of luck, will be thinking about you.

Fe-lady said...

I think you are going to surprise yourself.....
and the quitting thing? I have done's really no big deal. It's just a race and there will be plenty more in the future. Life goes on and people still love you so don't take THAT mantra with you into the race!

Take this one..."I am strong and have trained to finish!"

13.1 WPB said...

I just love your blog. You are an inspiration to so many others. I am positive that you are going to do great! Stay hydrated. You put in the training, you are ready for this! I know all about the nerves, as my 1st olympic distance tri is in 3 weeks at Chicago, also in Lake Michigan :0 Good Luck!!!

amybee said...

Nervousness is normal. I always want to hurl before every event I do. I never do hurl, though, which is good.

Think: swim, swim, swim; Then pedal, pedal, pedal; Then Right Foot/Left Foot and you'll get through.

You've been through those rough spots in marathons.... you will have them in the tri, but you WILL get through them.

Hydrate; try to stay in the shade as much as you can and ENJOY THE DAY.

Look forward to your race report!

Tri to Be Funny said...

Pretty soon it will be "Waddling to get my 70.3 Medal baby!!"


As you know, I've been doing these things for a long time. I am ALWAYS NERVOUS. Shaking, uncontrollably shaking, standing in the water getting ready to start shaking. My husband always tells me the more nervous I am, the better I do.

But, within five minutes in the water, the nervousness goes away. I stop worrying about all the bad things that can happen, and just start to enjoy the race.

Hopefully, you will too. I'm soooo excited for you. Just follow the plan, and you'll have fun.

I know you won't have to quit, so don't even worry about that. YOU ARE GOING TO ROCK, GIRL!

P.S. I'm already crazy nervous about IMKY. I'm already having trouble sleeping, and I'm nervous just thinking about how nervous I'm going to be the day before the race. SO THERE! HA!

Kim said...

WOW quite a note from your son. I suggest carrying that with you, in a small plastic baggie on the bike and run... when you feel a moment, hold it in your hand and let the words come over you.

I will be unable to make it.... but will be cheering for you and Iron Snoopy from afar - well not really that far but you know what i mean!

Joe said...

Hey, I'm getting nervous with you!! Will be quite the big step!

Have been in Benton Harbor a number of times...enjoy it...a friendly place.

Have passion...just keep moving.

And remember your technique...especially hydration.

And enjoy it to the hilt!!

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

I totally understand the nervousness. I think you'll calm down once you get moving. Try to enjoy it!!!!!