Friday, July 18, 2008


This is my last big training weekend before Steelhead.

Brick= 30 min bike transition to 12 mile run
Bike was good except for flat tire. G2 and gel during trainsition.
Run was a challenge. Used water and Nunn to drink. Shot blox every 4 miles. I was good until mile 8 when I ran out of water. God helped me out and turned on a sprinkler system. I was able to get wet and fill up my bottles. I made it to my 11 and was running out of gas. I looked up and saw the temperature on the bank to be 95. I walked the last mile home. I wore Tyr Tri suit. No problems.

Brick = 40 mile bike & 30 min run / Profile design Tri outfit.

Sunday :
1 mile swim in Lake Michigan then run later. Water temp is 56.

Waddling into race prep mode............


Duane said...

Hello! Excuse me! Wasnt it just one year ago and we were talking in Louaville about your learning to swim and doing a triathlon? Now you are doing a 1/2 Ironman? You rock!

Sunshine said...

I was just reading Vickie's blog:
and she wrote about wanting to swim in her side of Lake Michigan but they had a dead body wash up!

Glad you are having clean swimming.


You're doing great! Keep it up. Good to see you're practicing your nutrition and wearing the same clothes as race day.
Have a great training weekend!
Let me know how that swim goes. I'll be thinking about you when I'm freezing to death in Racine!
Good job and God bless!

IronSnoopy said...

Awesome job! You looked amazing on your run! You're ready for Steelhead. So ready.

PS I'm not amused by the rain. Not one bit.

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

The good news is that they will have hydration for you on the course, so you won't have to pray for sprinklers. You can do this!

Fe-lady said...

You are amazing...what determination you have! Keep up the greatness!

Fe-lady said...

You are amazing...what determination you have! Keep up the greatness!

Fe-lady said...

oops...sorry about the double hit! I get impatient sometimes!

Joe said...

This is very, very encouraging!!

The run portion will happen. As others have noted, you'll have water on the course. In this heat, you did really well. Plus were very wise to walk the last mile.

It's all coming together...I'm excited for you!!