Tuesday, July 22, 2008


According to my traing plan, the taper has begun. The problem is that I am not quite ready to taper. I did not complete my last long bike ride. I think 1 more long run would be good also. Besides maybe another swim in Lake Michigan and I might be ready.

I am trying to figure out what I need to do this weekend. How many miles to ride and how many miles to run? Is it too late for 1 more long bike? Is 50 too much to ride or back down to 30 with a run? My marathon training this week calls for a 12 miler but I was thinking of tapering to an eight. Am I making your head spin because mine is?

I found this quote on the web:
The Perfect Taper by Mark Allen
"By race day you should be so bored with sitting around that you are bursting at the seams to get out there and be with 1500 other
people racing! "

This is my dog Jerry. My plan is to be just like him most of next week!

Waddling and trying to taper...........



I HATE tapering. It's the hardest part of the training for me. But....it will pay off. It's always better to be a little undertrained than overtrained.

I would compromise and maybe do a 40 mile bike--I don't think that's too much at all two weeks before a half. Listen to your body regarding the run. Since you're also training for a marathon, it can be a little tricky.

Definitely stick to the taper schedule strictly next week. It will pay off BIG on race day.

Good luck and have fun!

21stCenturyMom said...

My plan didn't have much of a taper at the end.

You can have a look if it will help. It seemd to work fine!

Anonymous said...

I found your blog on Diary of an Aspiring Losers Blog. I think that you are really amazing. My mom is 58 and will be completing her first 1/2 marathon in October.

Good luck at the 1/2 Ironman, you're an insipration.


IronSnoopy said...

I would train at 80% this weekend. So, if you would normally do a 50 mile ride plus a brick, step down to a 30-35 mile ride and a 15 minute brick - or one loop (EASY!).

Long run - 8 miles.

Next week, everything is shorter -- but keep the intensity up.

Thurs and Friday - I'd so some very easy workouts, not long, not hard, just keeping you fluid.

SWTrigal said...

tiYou know I am a Mark Allen groupie but not sure that comment has ever been true for me! I have always heard that if in doubt while tapering, train less. The resting is more important. The training is basically over by now. It is nice to rest for awhile though, enjoy!

amybee said...

I have a love/hate thing with taperting too. Such a hard thing to finesse...

Love the picture of your dog!

Vickie said...

I wouldn't do more than half of what you will be doing next weekend. I did a lot last weekend and it has taken me 2 full days to recover.

Michelle said...

Ah, enjoy the calm before the storm.

Kim said...

they say taper is the pits... I've not done any long races so I've never tapered... and with my lack of enthusiasm of late.. don't look like anything longer then Pleasant Prairie OLY in August!

Ok be like Jerry, be one with Jerry!

Joe said...

Great question...always something to wonder about.

Do something...but not too much. I'd say 8 mile run more than 12.

Big thing is not to overeat...keep the weight off.

Taper is awful...I'm sympathetic!!!

Irene said...

I'm sure you'll get in what you need to before you taper. I always worry about that, too.

Cute doggie!

rocketpants said...

Tapering can make a person nutty. I'm sure you will be great come race day and ready to roll.