Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Steelhead being changed has made me take a look at the rest of the year and my race plan. My goal this year was to do a Half Ironman and a full marathon then make a decision of my "A" race for next year. Did I achieve the first part of that goal? Do I take a look at changing my training plan for Chicago Marathon and doing a HIM early in September?

My friend DeeDee ran the Chicago marathon last year. She was stopped and not allowed to finish. I felt bad because she had trained hard and deligently for this race. She also knows she would have finished if permitted to go on. I now truly understand how she felt. She did not sign up for another marathon to replace it.

I have done 3 marathons but never have felt like I conquered the distance. This year I am training with a club following a specific plan. I would love to focus and crack the 6 hour mark while feeling great.

This week is rest and recovery. I have this week to decide the direction that I will head.

Waddling and pondering my plan..................


Irene said...

My husband, the non runner, who only runs because I do, finally cracked 6 hours this year. You're working so hard at everything else, I'm sure you'll be able to crack through 6 hours and have room to spare! You've made some amazing progress this past year.

IronSnoopy said...

After thinking about it, I voted to do the marathon. Get your time goal there because you'll need that to know about next year. You already know you did the half -- you've swimmed 1.2 miles more than once.

We're not chasing another half either - buckling down for our training too.

There will be more halfs next year!


I totally agree with Snoopy. She said everything I was going to say.

You did great and know you can do the half distance. There will be plenty of triathlons next year!

Fe-lady said...

It's easy to get caught up in the IM and 1/2 IM thing after just finishing one...
It's WAY too close to this race to even consider another one this year. (My opinion I know, but I have been around the block and injured enough times to know that two long races back to back like that can cause injury, burn-out or both!)

Bring on the "sub 6"!

Anonymous said...

Do the one you're most passionate about and gets you more excited.

...love the little football play strategy pic ;)

J~Mom said...

I love what Cindy said. That is a tough choice though. I like the training for tris better because I like the variety but I would stick to whatever your heart is telling you.

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

I can't vote for you. I think it depends entirely on what YOU want to do.

Joe said...

Boy, if there was ever any doubt about how weather affects races, look at Steelhead and last years Chicago Marathon.

Impossible to predict these things.

That said, the fall is still the best weather.

The marathon is close for you and really will be here before long.