Saturday, September 20, 2008


It has been another crazy busy week.

My running has been less than desired. I did get 3 runs in but unfortunately my longest was only 6.5 miles. Family has been the priority. Tomorrow is my last long run before the marathon. It is a 20-22 miler . Weather conditions are due to be perfect.

Last night was the homecoming football. Number 61 is my little guy Bino. It is his first year of varsity football. It was an exciting night to see him run onto the field with the team. I was able to get my hubby there on crutches.

After a short swim this morning, I hope to catch up on household things so I can have tomorrow for my long run and recovery.

Good Luck to Joe who is running the USAF Marathon today in Ohio.

Waddling into the weekend.............


Fe-lady said...

I think it would be somewhat terrifying watching my kid on a football field in the path of some huge defensive lineman!
You have way more guts than I do! :-)
Hope your run went well this morning!

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

Yep, family comes first.

Best wishes with your 20miler

Irene said...

Little Bino isn't so little!

(I know, they're always little in our eyes.)

Vickie said...

You have your hands full. Good luck with your training and marathon!

Joe said...

You're so sweet!! With all you have going on, I'm touched you remembered my race...thanks for the shoutout!!