Sunday, October 05, 2008


This was a week full of ups and downs. I think they evened out with neither side winning.

-Snips and I did our final 8 mile run before the marathon next Sunday. It felt great and we ran out of time to talk about everything. The celebration after we finished with a cold beer was great! We toasted our training and whatever the 26.2 will bring.
- My running felt good this week with the cooler temps.
- My MIL had successful cataract surgery Wednesday.
- The Cubs playoff game will not alter the North part of the marathon Course.

- Poor hubby has been on a rollercoaster. He had a lumbar block on Tuesday. The doctor was pleased. Hubby felt improvement on Weds. and Thurs. On Friday, the block wore off. Saturday we spent 7 hours in the ER trying to get his pain under control again.

- Work has been crazy busy, which when you work in cancer care is not a good thing. Several days , I was at the hospital until 6pm.
- With everything happening at home, my weekday miles have been low.
- I hate my new shoes and I took them back.
- My new Garmin 405 which I love quit working and I took it back.
- The Cubs lost in the playoffs.
- The White Sox playoff game may alter the south part of the marathon course.

Waddling into a flatter week...........


amybee said...

Sorry work has been so busy. We are busy too, but banking busy is very different than cancer busy, I would imagine.

Also sorry that your husband isn't feeling so great. Hope that works itself out.

Finally, sorry about the shoes/Garmin. Its not fun to have things "not working" six days out from your marathon.

On the positive: Looks like you will have a beautiful day next Sunday for Chicago! Hurrah! It will be wonderful to just enjoy the day, the course and let all this other stuff melt away with every mile that passes!

Kim said...

Karen pray for some pain relief for your husband. I can't even imagine what it must be like to deal with something like that.

As for you, I am sending good marathon vibes your way. I am not sure if I will be there or not. Kevin is racing and would like for me to be, just not sure its where I need to be right now.

You've done all you can do to this point, so ease into Sunday and by this time next week you'll be celebrating a finish with your family, either having a nice cold beer or a nap, or maybe both in that order!!

RUN ON!!!!

Vickie said...

Hang in there. We all have weeks like that, but its credit to our athletic discipline that keeps us going! Good luck coming up this week!!!

Tom@RunnersLounge said...

Just wanted to wish you the best next week at the Chicago Marathon. I’m anxiously awaiting lining up in Grant Park.

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Rest up and run well!

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Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

Hang in there. With everything going on in your life, I imagine the most important is how hubby is doing. I hope they can do something more long lasting for his pain.



Sounds like a picture-perfect crazy life of ups and downs. I wish it was always easy, but it just isn't.

On a good note: you are going to do so well at the Marathon! keep Waddlin' to the Finish Line and end these crazy weeks on a high-note!

Fe-lady said...

I am thinking of you and hoping you are somewhat enjoying your taper with everything else going on. Healing thoughts to your husband. That must be so hard on both of you.

J~Mom said...

Hang in there! Sorry about the shoes and the Garmin!