Friday, November 28, 2008

This weekend was unforgettable. After Hooch's accident and with Hubby's pain, I knew it would be easier to bring my dad to us from Ohio rather than to go there. So I drove to Ohio on Tuesday and return home on Wednesday with Dad.

Having dad here with us took off alot of pressure. I felt better that everyone did not need to travel. The other concern was leaving my MIL here alone over Thanksgiving. This would be the second anniversary of my FIL's passing.

Thanksgiving Day started off with my alarm going off at 430am to put the bird in the oven. That was quickly accomplished. Next was Master's swim. I actually was excited to go work out. Coach had a great workout planned that was even fun. After our warm up there were Thanksgiving drills to do. First was the corkscrew drill ( 4 x 50). Second was the gravy boat drill (4 x 50). Next cam the turkey leg ( 4 x 50 ). Lastly it was the turkey leg ( 4 x 50). All were lots of fun and hard work.

After I came back home, it was time to do all the final prep for dinner. Bino was a huge help in the kitchen although he snacked down just as much as he cooked. It was the text book Turkey day meal. At noon, all the food was done right on time. It was Hubby, Hooch, Bino, Dad, MIL, Hooch's boyfriend and I. Our first Thanksgiving not in Ohio. The day was spent enjoying our time together and passed too quickly.

The day on Friday flew by also. Shopping, eating, and just being together filled the day. As I am sitting here ready to close my eyes, I was sad that I would be taking Dad back to Ohio tomorrow. I would love for him to stay longer but even though he is 86, he is still so involved in things that he feels like he needs to get back. I am glad he is so busy and involved.

I know that although the time went quickly, it was filled with memories that will last forever.

Waddling to get some shut-eye................


Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

Glad your holidays were good. :-)

Joe said...

A very special time, indeed. Glad US30 was kind to you.

Your Dad has to be so grateful.

amybee said...

sounds like a really great holiday and pre-holiday workout.