Saturday, December 27, 2008


Last Sunday at our house, the temperature was -4 and the snow was blowing. At times when we were driving, there was no visibility due to the blowing snow. The wind chill made the temperature feel like -25. Our final day of Christmas shopping was challenging. It felt like we lived at the North Pole.

Today, I was awakened to lightening and thunder. The rain was pounding on the window. I opened the slider and let the dogs out. It was warm outside. I could not believe it was over 50. I knew it was still December but did someone move my house???Next weather monitor went off and we were under a tornado watch.

Even though temperature was unusually high, I headed for the gym because of the pouring rain. Last year, I was part of Team Weight Loss at the gym. I pulled one of my workouts out of the books. I did get a new Polar HR monitor for Xmas and gave it a test run. I only did 35 minutes because I have decided to do my swim homework tomorrow. (3,000m timed swim).

Waddling in any kind of weather............


Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

Crazy weather out your way!!

Vickie said...

I hear you about the weather! I'm pretty much planning on staying inside a lot this winter!