Saturday, May 31, 2008

Today began as a bike ride with friends. The goal was to ride to the Happy Spot and back which is 52 miles. Immediately after we started out we all realized on thing--it was wicked windy. It was the swirling kind of winds that come of the open fields. I tried to stay in aero as much as possible. Some shoulder and lower back soreness by the end.

Besides riding 52 miles , there was another goal for this ride. It was to start trying out nutrtion for Steelehead. My breakfast was a bagel with cream chees and a diet Mountain Dew. My aero bottle was full of water and my other bottle was Perpetuem for nutrition. No problems except running out of water. For recovery, I had Recoverite. Seemed like a good combination for starters. It was my longest ride of the season.

Another milestone happened this week. My son, Bino, got his driver's license and car. I can't believe that Mom's taxi service is out of business. It is a relief in a way but frightening how old that Hooch and Bino are.

Along that thought of my kids getting older, my daughter is attending the graduation of alot of her friends from High School. After tonight, Hooch will be a senior. I can't beieve that next year at this time she will be graduating.

Waddling through the weekend..............


SWTrigal said...

Wow- some huge milestones in your life. Child with license= worry + freedom!

Joe said...

You've done a nice job with these kids...this is a step towards the independence you want for them...and it is not without some palpatations!! They'll be fine.