Thursday, January 01, 2009


For 2009 , I can say that I have only one goal and need to be very focused. It is something that I have been wanting to do for many years and I am now ready for the challenge.

The triathlon begins here at Wrightsville beach in the intercoastal waterway.

It finishes in Wilmington at the battleship North Carolina.

The Distance is 140.6 miles

Waddling to become Iron................


Dr. Iron TriFeist :) said...

WOOHOOO! The journey to your first ironman is a fantastic experience. Can't wait to hear your stories.

Joe said...

Goals are good. And, with your handy-dandy dry-erase big huge mega calendar on the wall, you'll be able to assess how you are progressing!!

May it be steady and consistent!!

happy new year!!

amybee said...

I'm excited to follow your blog as you prepare for this event!

Happy New Year to you, Waddler!

Irene said...

Great goal!

Happy new year!

IronSnoopy said...

IronWaddler has a nice ring to it.

So excited for you!

Vickie said...

You can do this!


Just make sure to enjoy the journey!!!

RBR said...

Congratulations on your decision! I am training for my first Iron distance as well. I am terrified!

I love the training calendar idea. I may have to steal that idea :o)!

Happy New Year and happy training!

Anonymous said...

Hi there. Thanks for visiting my blog. I will DEFINTELY be back to yours to see how you are going towards your big Iron goal.

Well done for taking the plunge. It is hard work, but worth every single second of it when you cross that finish line!!!!!!!

ShirleyPerly said...

Same here, need to be very focused. Look forward to meeting you at B2B!!