Monday, January 19, 2009

WEEK 3 OF 14 (Pre-IM)

Recap of last week:

  • Weight loss= -2 lbs (total= -4)
  • Drinking more water but still drinking Diet MD.
  • Began 8 weeks of Master's Swim
  • Worked out 6 of 7 days including 2 bricks for a total of 5:30
  • Only did sit ups 1 day-huge need for improvement.

Upcoming week:

  • Continue work out schedule try to hit 6 hours this week.
  • Pay more attention to eating. Appetite is increasing.
  • Long run of 5 miles this week in Indy Prep.

I am feeling good changes because of the increased training. My legs are sore and alittle tired. I am having a few twinges of pain in my right ankle again so I will keep an eye on it and start taking Advil. I am still very motivated and positive.

Currently I am looking at places to stay in Wilmington. After volunteering there last year, we are going to stay downtown Wilmington versus the Wrightsville Beach. For my family,it will be easier for them to watch the race and it is closer to the activities and finish line.

Waddling into week 3...............


J~Mom said...

Sounds great!! Keep up the great work!

Vickie said...

Its never too early to look for a place to stay (I tell myself that too). And as for the MD, its hard to give up EVERY vice. I wouldn't worry. If it isn't affecting your training, its better than eating something you probably shouldn't. Good work! Its great tracking your progress.

Juls said...

Great job.

Irene said...

Nice progress!

Duane said...

Keep on going!

Calyx Meredith said...

I'm trying to figure out the best place for my family too - so thanks for sharing your thoughts and your plan to stay in Wilmington. Good job on the training - especially the bricks! Those can be hard to work in this time of year!

ShirleyPerly said...

Wow, 4# -- way to go!

Hope the ankle pain is nothing serious. I'm having some shoulder and elbow pain that I'm keeping an eye on. And thanks for mentioning that downtown Wilmington is better for family members as that's where we have decided to stay (Hilton).