Saturday, July 25, 2009


As my training is continuing toward Beach2Battleship, my long rides and long runs are not only about the distance but what works for the distance.

My pre-ride was extremely disorganized today. My breakfast was Kashi oatmeal, .5 scoop of whey protein, and .5 cup of milk. (Also a Diet Mountain Dew). I filled all my bottes and mixed my special formula of Infinit designed for the long bike. As I arrived at TriSharkie's house, she was having the same kind of morning that I was.

I ordered a new AeroBottle with 2 chamber and had that on my bike today to try out. I needed to make sure to hydrate and get my Infinit for nutrition. We mapped a route out for 65 miles.

The pace was good and we concentrated on nutrtion and nutrition. The ride was very uneventful. I loved the new AeroCell bottle. On the return we had a strong wind slowing us.

We finished the 65 miles around 4 hours. We both felt good and learned alot.

Final thought:

  • Loved the new AeroCell
  • Put Infinit in small chamber / Water in large chamber
  • Mixed 7 scoops of Infinit with water and used blender. Tasted good. Drank all by mile 60.
  • Got very hungry after mile 50. Need bigger breakfast.
  • Went through 48 ozs. of water with non left. Pack more.

This is such a learning experience. I know there is still much ahead over the next 14 weeks.

Waddling to prepare for a 12 mile run tomorrow.............


ShirleyPerly said...

Good job on your ride! I have one of those Aqua Cell bottles too and love it. I have to carry an additional bike bottle on my bike, though, to get through 60 miles in the heat.

Sunshine said...

Very interesting details thanks!
Best wishes for tomorrow.

Joe said...

You are doing such a good job of putting the pieces together...I'm impressed.

Have a great run Sunday!!

SWTrigal said...

Hartley got this and loves it!

amybee said...

You sound like you are right where you should be in training....good for you!

RBR said...

Great job testing your stuff. I got an aero bottle (not the cell ones) before IMCdA and never tested it so I couldn't use it on race day.

You are training VERY smart, my dear, very smart indeed!