Monday, August 10, 2009


It seems like my post have become so few and far between. When I sit down in the evening to try to put my thoughts down, one of 2 things happen. Either I am totally brain dead or there is absolutely nothing interesting that I could write.

I am now beginning week 18 of 30 of Iron training. The weeks are blending together. I thank God my family is so patient with me. I have become more forgetful and disorganized. Every waking moment, I find myself busy either working or training. This weekend I began something new also. I fall asleep in the afternoon and take a nap. Saturday's nap lasted for 3 hours. I have never done this before.

New challenges also have become the weather and the amount of daylight shortening. Finally in August, summer has come to Chicagoland with several days above 90. Ther worst part is the humidity is so high. Also sunrise is coming later, so on the days of our long rides is not safe to start as early. ( Although, I think TriSharkie likes this) Also, this is the last week for Master's swim for a month. I don't do well alone swimming.

I am continuing to use my long rides and runs to test out things. I am getting a better handle on what I will need. With a half-iron coming up on Sept. 5, I hope to have a plan in place to try.

Waddling with no excitement whatsoever..............


Lindy said...

It's always a sad day when you realize the window of opportunity for morning runs is closing rapidly, isn't it?

As for training, it's not fun and easy all the time...just keep going thru the motions and your enthusiasm and running/biking/swimming will meet again...someday soon.

Keep on keeping on, fellow penguin!

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

Everybody that does ironman training that I follow ends up saying the same thing at some point...tired...nothing to post..etc. I'm guessing it must be normal. :-)

Irene said...

Maybe it's a summer thing. I have not felt much like blogging, which is why I'm resorting to posting pictures instead. :)

The Iron training is really coming along! Hang in there!!!

Joe said...

"Boring" is normal at this stage...the excitement of starting has are still a long way from the goal. You just grind it out.

That's OK...and very, very normal.

If you're too tired to post, feel free to skip it!! Chat with House instead!!

Yeah, this humidity is nuts... it will improve.

Formulaic said...

It's amazing that it's already lenght of the day is starting to affect training time. Most people heven't even noticed.

I think that it one of the nice things about working out outside. We notice som many things that would totally go unobserved by the general public.

Good luck on the 5th!

Flipper said...

I will still swim with you!! You have been doing a FANTASTIC job!!

I think I found names for our other people "sweets" and "teach"...;-)