Monday, November 23, 2009


It's hard to believe it's been 2 weeks since B2B. Life has still been incredibly busy even with the lack of training. Hooch opens her business this week so all the final things are being put in place.

I have been told of the Post Race blues or depression but I have found none of that. I am excitedly planning my 2010 season. There will be no Iron distance next year but I will not rule it out for 2011. The year will start in March with a half Marathonn. I also will do a half Iron and possibly another marathon.

I am feeling good. the only minor irritation is some plantar fasicitis. My right heel makes it hard to walk in the morning. Any suggestions are appreciated? Wondering if one of those special socks work?

Tomorrow, I am heading back to the pool. My new tattoo is ready to face the water. I am suprised how excited that I am to swim again. Masters swim will start after the holidays so I best be ready for Coach.

The best of this week is that my dad is here from Ohio for Thanksgiving week. It will be an extra special one for our family as Bino will be in in the Army next year and most likely overseas. Every moment will be cherished.

Finally, congrats to Running Jayhawk, who completed IMAZ yesterday. Great job-you rock girl. I am so proud of you

Waddling to spend time with dad...............


IronSnoopy said...

What's Hooch's business?! Too cool.

Hey, yeah, so I'm battling minor PF. The sock does work! Also, I don't walk around barefoot at all anymore. I bought some of those Crocs I swore I'd never ever ever ever wear! I also went back to my Saucony Hurricanes -- all of that seems to have worked.

Yay for pool! :-)

Lisa said...

Congats on your B2B finish. I'm glad recovery is going well for you.

Vickie said...

Love the new name! Yes, you certainly are Iron all the way. It would be great seeing you again at a race next year. Let's see if our schedules mesh and our paths cross again. Much as I would love to do another IM distance race, I am thinking 2011 also. How about IMAZ?? As for the PF, I suffered with this about 8 years ago for months. One thing that worked is massaging with a tennis ball and then icing and a soft ice pack wrapped around the heel held in place by a sock a couple of times a day. It takes time unfortunately.

Joe said...

Glad to hear you are doing well. All the tingles are probably normal after such an effort.

Yeah, planning is good.

Happy Thanksgiving!!