Sunday, November 29, 2009


I think now after 3 weeks that I have had a chance to fully reflect on my race. For days it did not seem real. There were alot of congratulations and great jobs but I don't think that I really got it. I do now. I really did it.

Today, I was back in the pool and it felt great. After my race, I have done pretty much nothing as far as workouts. I have put back on 4 pounds. Although I have enjoyed not having the pressure to workout, I have felt sluggish, unmotivated, and not as happy.

My routine is penciled in for December and my 2010 races are falling into place. The my motivation is increasing proportionally to my planning process. There are no Iron Races but there will be a half-Iron. Also a possibility of another marathon.

I think that I spend hours researching possible races. I go to the triathlon calendar for all the surrounding states andsearch for the right distances that fit my schedule. June will be a sprint. July will be an Olympic. August is undecided. That sets up for my half in September. So my thought are a December marathon. Again these are all in pencil.
The excitement is building for 2010.

Waddling with a pencil....

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amybee said...

Yes, it happened. You did it. You are awesome!

It is great that you took some time to recover and recoup -- even okay that you put on a couple of lbs.

You're back in the pool, taking a realistic look at next year and are probably just where you need to be.

Happy late Thanksgiving.