Thursday, December 10, 2009


Now that training for my Iron race is completed, I am again struggling with my weight. I am not sure which of the above pictures is the better photo of me. After the struggle getting the 30 lbs. off, you would think I would do everything possible not to put it back on. The biggest problem is that my willpower is non-existant. With my calendar for 2010 not filled in, I have been using the excuse that I will return to healthy eating soon but no need to yet.
I do face the challenge of having Metabolic syndrome and I also am insulin resistant. Those are 2 big reasons to work harder but 2 big reasons it is harder to get weight off.

Again, I am regrouping and swearing to start on Monday. I promise. I really will. Do you believe me? Stay tuned for what excuse there will be next.

Waddling and whining...............


Vickie said...

It is also a common fact that once the heavy workouts end, the weight starts creeping back up. I hear that from others a lot. So let's get our dance cards filled for 2010!

Irene said...

The pictures made me laugh! Seriously, though, you've done so well this past year with all of your progress. It probably won't take much to get back on track like the rock star that you are. :)