Sunday, December 27, 2009


As always Christmas goes too fast. There was something different about this year and I can't quite put my finger on it. We all wanted this year to be extra special. The reason is that next year Bino will not be here with us but most likely overseas somewhere with the Army in a tank.

The gifts were all chosen with extra thought and care. There was not one that was without meaning. I received many that I will hold close to my heart. The one that I will keep close to me was from Bino. It was an Army bear. It had a special bag. When I opened it Bino said, "Next year Mom when I am not here and you miss me just give the near a hug." WOW. Talk about the tears running down your cheeks.

House's gift blew me away also. It was a newspaper article written about my father who is 87. The photos is of him holding my kids pictures in his living room. House had it laminated and framed for me. Again---WOW.

Hooch and her boyfriend also made me smile with a set of special penguins for my collection. They are awesome.

I believe Christmas is not about the gifts but in this case the meaning behind all the gift made it different. Every Chistmas I feel that this one is the most memorable but again I think this one is it.

Waddling after a great Christmas day.........


Duane said...

That IS great!

Joe said...

Special indeed.

Do hug that bear if Bino is gone. And you can look forward to the Christmases AFTER he's out...which will be even more special. We felt that, big time, with our oldest, now home, for good.

The meaning of the gifts are super...glad you guys all grasped it.

Fe-lady said...

Nice! I tried to make most of my gifts this year...and hopefully most had special meaning for the recipients.
(Well, maybe not the gift cert. to ULTA for my daughter, but it's what she wanted! ) Happy New Year!

Formulaic said...

Happy Holidays!

Sounds like you got a great couple of gifts.

Be safe out there for new years!

TRISHARKIE (AKA Ronda) said...

Ahhhhhhh....please pass the tissue box!

ShirleyPerly said...

Those are great gifts! For the first time, I had a custom family reunion photo book made for everyone and it seemed to well received (usually we just give gift cards). I'm thinking we should give more thoughtful gifts in the future too.