Saturday, March 21, 2009


Although it got off to a very chilly start (39), today was the first full day of spring. I had every intention of enjoying it. The sun was shining and the birds were singing.

First on my list was to go for a bike ride. The first outdoor ride of the season. Since I just got Sugar back from the shop, I decide to ride her and check everything out. I piled layers of clothes on and off I went. I quickly remember how it felt to ride into a strong wind as it blew into my face. I covered 14 miles and loved every minute!

I took advantage that it was still cold out and Bino helped me pick up the winter dog poop in our back yard. This was followed by getting the oil changed in my Jeep, cleaning my Jeep, and finding a place for my bikes in the garage. It feels so good to be out in the fresh air again.

Tomorrow's weather is predicted to be identical to today. Great! My day is starting with a 8 mile run with Snips. I bought some Heed to drink on the run. That is the drink on the B2B course so I want to give it a test run.

Also- I named my new bike, Skipper. I think she skips right along and love Skipper the penguin in Madagascar.

Waddling into springtime.......


Lindy said...

Hi there! Indy Mini? You've run Flying Pig? Chi-town? Penguin? Sounds like my kind of friend!

I'm worried about this weather, b/c although it's relatively nice, I"m up for 6 miles in that morning weather tomorrow, with quite a runny, drippy cold. Should be interesting.

Joe said...

So happy to hear the surgery appears to be successful...very happy.

Two bikes!! Wow!!

Yeah, it was beautiful today...I just blogged on the same topic.

Enjoy your run in the morning.

RBR said...

LOVE the new bike and its name!! I am so happy that you got to finally ride outside. Boy, reading your blog makes me feel like a SERIOUS whiner! You guys who get real weather all winter and still train are truly hardcore.

Very good news that House's latest surgery is helping with the pain. Very good news indeed.

Sunshine said...

You Go!!
And yes, isn't this taste of spring fabulous. I suppose we will have another snowfall, but this is a great preview.

Mary Sunshine said...

Congrats on the run. And all your great training, goals, being a super mom and wife. I admire you so much!


ShirleyPerly said...

Hooray for spring and outdoor riding!! I too am impressed with how you all deal with those cold weather winters. Certainly toughens the mind.

Thanks for reminding me about Heed being the B2B sports drink. Will need to see if it works for me too.