Tuesday, August 18, 2009


This morning at swim, I had the pleasure and luck to meet one of my triathlon rockstars. In the locker room getting ready to swim was Adrienne Saeger. She is currently preparing for the IM World Championships in Kona. WOW- blow you away too cool. She qualified on her first Ironman in Wisconsin. Most recently , she finished first overall at the Spirit of Racine and 2nd Overall at Steelhead 70.3. She also isdoing the World Championships in the 70.3.

She has a beautiful smile and eyes that twinkle while she talks. Such an awesome personality. When the word Kona was mentioned, she lit up with excitement. I felt like a kid meeting a rockstar.

I hope to run into her again before Kona. I will also follow her on her blog.

Waddling after meeting a rising star............


Adrienne said...

Karen, it was so good to meet you and share the same energy with you about Ironman. I'm so excited for your journey as well... to the finish line we head into the last leg of our training.
See you again next Tuesday

ShirleyPerly said...

Very cool!!

I met Bree Wee before she turned pro and what an inspiration she has been for me. Every time I'm back on the island she keeps saying we should train together but I don't know how the heck I could possibly keep up with her. If you find a way to train with Adrienne, I'd be interested in hearing how!

Adrienne said...

Shirley - Bree is so my inspiration too!!!! She is one awesome cookie!

Karen and I are swimming in the same masters group for now...I think that's pretty darn cool. how fun is that really? What an awesome group of people to train with... so funny, lighthearted, and just all around good fun!

Running Jayhawk said...

How very cool!! How's that for a re-energizing dose of motivation!

...totally random question, are you headed to Great Illini solo? Or do you have a team of sherpas with you? Shoot me an email and let me know if you can... barbsmarathon at gmail.com

amybee said...

How FUN!

Formulaic said...

too cool!

She sounds awesome...plus she comments on your blog!

Too cool!

And...she is a cutie! Think she finds married s-l-o-w triathletes a turn on? ;)

So back to you...this means you are rock the swim. Masters is the way to go? How do you like it?