Wednesday, March 10, 2010


There could not have been a better start to the year. Flipper, Snips, and I got up early and donned our tutus and princess hats. At the start we looked around to see 13,000 other princesses ready to run. The outfits were all fun to look at. While running we saw many Cinderellas, Belle, Jasmine, and Sleeping Beauty runners. It was such a party and celebration. Disney had all their princess characters along the course along with bands. The turnaround was in the Magic Kingdom in the castle.There was never a dull moment along the 13.1 miles. I would definitely recommend this race especially for a first timer.

My time was exactly where I thought it would be. It was my best early season time @ 2:48:33.

Because of the good time that we had, Snips and I have decided to add another Disney weekend to our schedule. We plan on returning in January 2011 to do the Goofy !!!

Waddling wearing my crown........


Irene said...

Nice HM time! I'm glad everything went well!

ShirleyPerly said...

Well done on your half marathon! I'm glad you had a good time in Orlando.

Joe said...

On schedule and having fun! All you princesii had too much fun! Great news!

amybee said...

congrats on your 1/2 and for having such fun at the event.

I hear that doing the Goofy events are really fun too.