Saturday, April 24, 2010


For the next few months, the updates will be few. Everything in my life is going fine but the have been limits to my time. I am now teaching 3 spin classes per week on top of my full-time job and my training. By the time I get to my computer, I am exhausted. I check my e-mails and facebook then it is game over. Another focus has been spending time with my son who will leave for the Army on June 3o.

Training has begun for my half Iron and will be followed by training for the Goofy.

Everyone know that I will check in when I can.



Irene said...

That's good news!
That kind of busy is always good.

amybee said...

WOW! You are busy! Just blog when you can...we'll catch up via FB too.

Have a wonderful time with your son...

talk to you soon.

Formulaic said...

Good news about the spin classes. It sounds exhausting just reading it.

Another victim of Facebook!

What is the blogging world coming too!

Sunshine said...

Precious days for you.
Hope all is going well.