Tuesday, February 15, 2011



Our Tri Club had a fun run for Valentine's Day. We went to the 40 Acre Woods. Prior to us getting there one of our team members scattered candy hearts along the trails. We were all provided with sandwich bags and maps. The time limit was 90 minutes. Off we went into the woods. The weather was sunny and in the mid-30s. It was a perfect day.

I was with a group of 7 friends. The scenery was beautiful. It was hard to focus on looking for the hearts. We did find several in the Horse poop along the way. I opted to leave them behind. the laughter continued the entire 90 minutes. Our goal became just to find our way back. None of us were experts at the map. Once we realized that the star which said "you are here" did not move , it improved.

The was no thought to how far or how fast that we went. The amount of fun and memories were priceless.

Waddling after a fun run....

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