Sunday, May 08, 2011


When life does not go as planned, you adapt. You make lemonade out of your lemons. Look for the positive. All these sayings, I find myself using more than ever these days. My training has been off track to say the least. I get back on it for a few days and boom-off again.

My husband has faced many health challenges this year. Most recently another surgery. When training for my first Iron, I found a determination to work around this. Now the drive is not as strong.

My daughter has moved out to her first apartment which should make life easier. I myself concerned more because of the unknowing.

My dad will be 90 next year and for the first time i am noticing changes and he is slowing down. He is my rock and watching the edges crumble takes some out of me.

My son is great but has gotten a puupy- his first. the challenge of this puppy is that he is a great dane.

Oh and my job- I love it more than ever but with the economy my hours have been severely cut.

I am not trying to justify my lack of training but I am just jotting down random thoughts.

Next weekend is my first race- REV3 in Knoxville. It is an Olympic that I am totally unprepared for. A friend wondered how I let that happen and I wonder myself.

Waddling and wondering.................


Lisa said...

hang in there. our circumstances are different, but I understand where you are at right now.

amybee said...

Hey: Kindred spirits with different challenges.....I understand the mixed thoughts and feelings you are experiencing, my friend.

Take it all one day at a time....and keep breathing.

Hope REV3 went well for you. Look forward to reading your race report.