Tuesday, April 24, 2012


The 2012 year has begun. There are no great expectations for this year just good training and some fun.

January has brought me back to swimming regularly. I really enjoy my Master's in the morning. I have recently done several time trial which showed improvement. The 3 days a week is really paying off.

February took me to Little Rock where I became a certified USAT Level 1 coach. So excited to get up and going with my business TriWaddling.com.

March began with My father turning 90 and some great surprise parties. It ended in Berekely, Ca, at the LUNA Summit which was so awesome. 180 LUNAs from across the country. Wow -so much fun.

April is proving to be a challenging month with my father's health decling and many trips back to Ohio. My Training has been off and on but still happening. I am doing IMLOU this August and it is time to ramp it up.

Waddling toward the season.......

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Joe said...

good to know how you are doing!!