Friday, June 08, 2012


This is a big weekend for the Tri team that I am on. It is our 2012 first race weekend. I am a member of the Chicago LUNA Chix Tri Team. It is a great honor but along with that alot of fun and meeting people.

This weekend we are a sponsor of SheRox women's Tri in Naperville,IL. Because of this, we are able to reach out to many women and encourage their participation in athletics. I love this! Tonight is a meet and greet. 2 hours of wine, appetizers, music, and meet the team. We raise money for the Breast cancer fund and half of the proceeds go to this.

Tomorrow from 10-4 is the Race Expo. We have a tent and spend the day talking to paritcipants, handing out samples, andhave put together a great raffle. we hope to promote our Monday night runs and Wednesday night bike rides. So many newbies are afraid to group activities and we hope to change that.

Sunday is race day! This year for the first time, I am on a relay team. I am doing the bike portion. Scout,my Quintana Roo CD01, is anxious and ready to go! Then I will be at the finish cheering all the women to finish. A lot are doing their first Tri this weekend and it is an inspiring weekend.

Waddling into a great weekend...........

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