Sunday, April 02, 2006



SUNDAY : RUN/ TREADMILL/ 5:1/ 1:30 /7.0 MILES/ AVE PACE 13:10/ AVE HR 129

It was one of those weekends in which the weather made it hard to plan. Saturday at 6:30am Cor and I decided to try Virgil's trail. 12.4 miles each way. It was a learning experience. It was grey and 45. Getting 2 bikes on my car took 30 min. Then we got there- I forgot my glove and my hands were cold and sore. Oh also didn't check my tire pressure. after 40 min. the front started going flat. couln't figure out how to fix it so we turned around. Wasn't a great ride for excercise but we learned alot.

Sunday - we had storms heading in so I headed for the treadmill. I felt really good pushed up at the end to 4.7 5min-4.8 5min then 5.0 5 min. I was pleased with the workout. I think since Saturday was easy it helped.

Next Sunday is my first 5k of the year so I need to take it easy the end of the week.

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