Wednesday, May 03, 2006



My husband is out of town and the grass is long so I thought I would cut it for him.It took me and hour and I filled 3 large bags with clipping. I was thinking about running but my legs were sort of pooped. I didn't and took the kids for chinese. I need to do alittle something tomorrow and rest friday(maybe a bike) . I really don't think I'm ready for this. I don't believe I have the training in. But I'll use this as training.

As always the week before a race -you have such doubts but there is nothing you can do now. I really have to pick it up next week. At least 1- 8miler and 2- 3 milers. Then 3 days of biking.

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Fe-lady said...

Hey- I love finding 50+ year olds on this blogger thing- what are you training for?
Best of luck- I think your race is this weekend if I am reading your blog correctly!