Saturday, May 27, 2006



Did I mention that I hate to run in the heat??????????????? Huge change in the weather this weekend.
I knew it would be hot so I packed my fuel belt last night. 2 Iced water/2 reg cold and 2 packs of sport beans. Unfortunately on Friday I drank too much Diet MD. That always changes the stomach. I headed out at 615 am -it was already 68 and very humid heading for 90 today. I felt good except for my legs felt very heavy. Still in recovery? I got to 6 and felt really crappy. Some leg pain in the calves. Need calcium? I decided to opt for 8 rather than 10. I still had water so I was not dehydrated. Finished in approx. 2 hours including stops. Then I took my shower and for the first time after I run -I feel asleep for 2 hours. It was just not clicking today.

I know I'm almost 50 but Somehow I need to pick it up alittle and also loose some more weight.

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