Saturday, May 06, 2006



This was it -the first one.

I got up at 5am and my eyes were swollen shut(allergies to something) . That's okay. Cor(my son) and I loaded up the bikes and packed everything-our goal to be out of the house at 6am. We pulled out of the drive at 6:10. That's okay. 90 min ride ahead of us. I had an egg and cheese sandwich, a banana, and my diet dew for breakfast.

We found Rock Cut stat park just fine. Cor and I got checked in while my husband unpacked the bikes. I am really nervous now- alot of serious people here and I'm just a waddler. Remember it's about getting to the start line-don't quit now.

Time to start. They changed the run to trails and grass-someone got hit by a bike last year. I HATE trails. Being a waddler -I sometimes shuffle alot. That's okay!My pace goal was 11:00. We're off! Off across a grass field with little flags.I look at my watch 10:30 pace. I look up everyone is gone. I'm into the woods with no runners in sight. I have to keep my pace or I won't finish. At one mile I'm in swampland.No one in sight. I finish the run about 24:00.

T1-I should have practiced. It was very easy to find my bike-the only one there. That's okay.

Out to the bike. I know I can make up time. 3 laps around Olsen Lake with some slight!! hills. (haha) I actually could begin to see people and catch up and found Cor by the side of the road. Oh well-I'm last anyway. So I stopped and helped him get his chain on. Back on the bike.On the last lap I started passing a few people. I knew this was my chance to maybe no be last.

T2- It went well. . The others who had finished were very supportive and made sure I had room to get through.

Out to that damn trail again. Did I mention I will never do a trail again? The lady I passed on the bikes is coming up behind me to pass me. There she goes. I don't have alot left. We're going up a hill and she walks. I run ppast her and know if I can run the rest of the way I can beat her. I did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is my son and husband cheering for me. I hoped to break 2 hours-- 1:56.

A great day.... My first but not my last. Alot of lessons learned.

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