Saturday, June 03, 2006



What a spectacular morning. The sun was out and at 7 am it was 60. This is my first cycling group ride. Mary sucked me into this. I'm extremely nervous. FIrst ,I'm not sure how far I'm going but somewhere between 25-50 miles. I don't know anyone. And as usual -I'm slow.

I got to the parking lot at the canal too early. I had alot of wait time. I started meeting others in the group. Alot I recognized from spinning. Mary sucked alot of us in! One couple even lives in my neighborhood and are marathoners. By the time to leave there were 30 bikers.

Off we went. As usual I was in the back of the pack but at least I wasn't the one who wrecked leaving the parking lot. I felt really good. At little pushed at times but it made me keep up when I wanted to slow down. Before long everyone was pulling over. unbelievable. We were in Morris the 15 mile stop. I felt good and was tempted to go to Seneca(25m). I found 2 other riders who were turning back. Because of lack of confidence-I turned with them. They were great. Nice pace. It was a great ride back but slower because it was into the wind.

We finished in 2 hours. I was feeling alittle tired and very hungry. In a way I was sad I didn't take my shot at 50 but I'll let you know tomorrow how I feel.

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