Sunday, July 30, 2006


1/2 MARATHON: 3:02 / 4:1 RATIO / AVE PACE-13:56

The beginning: I got up at 4:30. I didn't sleep well. My daughter reminded me that I stayed up too late. I got ready and packed up and left the room. I couldn't find any food. I went to the lobby and found the trolley doesn't run until 6am. Okay-start walking. It's about 1.5 miles to the start. I got there at at 5:35 . My start was at 6:10. Went to meet 21st Century mom. We started in an earlier wave. I started to relax because it gave me 10 extra minutes before the 3 hour course limit.

The Run:

Mile 1- 13:02 Flat and feeling good.

Mile 2-13:31 Still okay and flat

Mile 3- 13:40 Alittle uphill . Avoiding Sprinkler system in park.

Mile 4 - 13:36 Going thru Criss field. Looking up at the Golden Gate.

Mile 5 -13:49 We're in the Presidio and heading to the bridge.

Mile 6 - 15:35 BIG hill. I had to walk it .

Mile 7 - 14:43 Made it up on the bridge. Going up to the middle. The most awesome view I've ever seen.

Mile 8 & 9- 28:00 I missed hitting the button on my watch. Made it to the turn around at Vissta Point. Quick pit stop. On my way out tripped on another runner and down I went. Banged up my rt knee and rt hand. I'm still okay. Running across the bridge I ran into Beth from Detroit who I met on the shuttle. She looked awesome. Imagine this is her first half. My rt knee began to hurt.(ITB again)

Mile 10-14:23 I'm off the bridge and heading up another monster hill. I needed to be here at 2:18 to finish under 3:00. The time 2:20:24. I know I'm doing the best I can.

Mile 11- 12:46 Defintely a downhill. Spectacular view. I think I can pick up some time. Time 2:32.

Mile 12 to finish-- I ran with no walking. I realy want to break 3 hrs. It became really sunny. Temperature rising. Another uphill. Damn. I keep looking for the finish -Time 2:58 . I come around a corner finally there it is.

Time: 3:02:40---I know I gave it my best shot. No excuses.

The Finish: I was only 2 min. off my goal. But I was pleased with my time. A good day! I loved the race /the course was the most challenging/ I don't think I'm injured(ITB hurts) / Memories that will last a lifetime.


Juls said...

Not to worry; you did well. You were So close to your goal. It was probably that 0.1 mile that did it. Just think that you did your 13 miles in under 3 hours.

21st Century Mom said...

Great Run Report! I saw you on the bridge and called out your name but you were very focused and working hard so you didn't hear me. I was still moving at a good clip at that point so I just let it go.

Congratulations on your time - you did really well. And great pics! I will point people this way when I do my real run report.

Hope you aren't too sore today.

You did incredibly well considering those hills. You are obviously primed for a sub 3 hour 1/2 on flatter terrain. Great job!

It was great meeting your and your daughter. Who knows, maybe if you still feel like doing the Flying Pig in a couple of years I'll join you.