Saturday, July 01, 2006


RUN: 11 MILES / 2:40 / 2 pit stops

Today is the 1st of July, the first day of the tour de france, my first 11 mile run of the year, and the first day of the rest of my life. Just as in running -in life sometimes you have to stop, relook at your goals, and look to the future. My goal is to be the best and most honest person and help others.

Today's run was hot and humid-the first real challenge of the summer. I packed 2 fuel bottles of gatorade endurance and 2 of water also a gnc energel. I ran out of fluid the last mile. For longer runs another bottle or 2 will be necessary.

Running thru the soccer park today I began thinking about the yasso 800's. the emphasis even with the penguin is to do alittle speed work. I've got 4 weeks until SF and 6 weeks until the CDC. Hopefully it will make me alittle faster. My goal for the year is to break a 2:45 half.

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