Tuesday, July 25, 2006



After Saturday's run --I had thoughts of some good easy runs this week. SUnday my husband's neck went out so yard work and other things won out. I did cut the back yard with an un -propelled mower(45min).

Monday - went to the neurosurgeon's office saw his MRI and scheduled PT for that afternoon. In the mean time my daughter called from cheer camp and when tumbling bent 2 finger under and had to get checked by the team MD. Scheduled an appt with her orthopedic md Weds before we leave.

Tuesday- Big day at work --Alot to get done before leaving. I was supposed to be off all day tomorrow but I need to go in for alittle bit. SO no run tonight. Hopefully something tomorrow since we have an early flight on Thursday!!

Hoping for good weather on Sunday--I hate the heat.

Goals for San Francisco:

  1. Finish in under the 3 hour limit.
  2. Enjoy every moment to the fullest
  3. make a memory that lasts a lifetime.
  4. Still feel good to run the Chicago Distance Classic in 2 weeks.

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