Saturday, July 22, 2006


RUN :9.6 /2:13 / AVE PACE 13:53 / 4:1

I went to Waterfall GLen again today to get some hills in. The temp was perfect at 60 and partly cloudy. I just wanted 1 more longer run in before SF. I am really worried about the #;00 hour limit. I need to ave 13:40 pace. The hills I know will be the big challenge.

I found myself thinking alot about next year. I will do a marathon and have new goals. But why have I given up on this year? I was doing great at the beginning of the season but really slipped. I have alot more of this year to go and I don't feel I'm where I want to be....

While I was on the trail today there was a 10mile race(going the opposite direction). Because of my pace I went by the leaders the first mile and last mile. What I noticed the most was how they looked. Breathing heavy. On the edge. At the limit and not holding back. Then I looked at myself and can honestly say that I've never reached that point of discomfort. I hold back for fear I won't make it. I'm afraid I would be more embarassed not to finish than to finish in the back. Basically there is no all balls out.

I guess it goes back to what is the most important to you in a run. I don;t want to look like them but I don't want to look like me either. Maybe it's the fact that I can't find that balance that is throwing me off. SOmetime I will find the run to either do it or quit.

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