Sunday, October 08, 2006



Homecoming week for my kids is finally complete. Between bonfires, football games, decorating, and the dance -there has been little extra time. My daughter would tell me if I would let her get her liscense it would be easier on me. I don't think so!

There is now 30 weeks until the marathon. My weight is going up instead of down. I went to the store today to get my diet in order. I actually think it's more eating the right foods. I also bought a book on how to swim. I really would like to learn. (Maybe do a tri) but I'm not ready to say that yet. This week I hope to pick it up alittle in training.


Fe-lady said...

Thinking about it is the first step for swimming! Good for you!

It's hard to eat right when you are so busy...especially with teenagers in the house.
I try not to buy stuff that I shouldn't eat so I won't even be tempted!
As your mileage increases then the weight will decrease!
Throw that scale away!

The Spandex-King said...

If your looking to swim get some instruction. It will save you hours of trying to learn on your own. At least it did me. Good Luck!!

Thomas said...

You have plenty of time before the marathon, but the sooner you start, the better you will be prepared, and prepared runners have a much better time during a marathon.

I'm presently nearing the end of a 24 weeks training program, but I did 6 weeks of running regularly before even starting the program. As you can see, 30 weeks of training aren't that unusual.