Monday, October 09, 2006


BOSU : 60 min.

I've been looking for another option on Mondays to YOGA. Tonight , I tried BOSU. I think I got alot out of it. The class was fast paced so I had to learn and do at the same time. Also ,I am not coordinated and balanced at all so it made it a challenge. The instructor stopped and laughed with me SEVERAL times. I have to agree -I looked comical. This is a good chance to work on balance and core in phase 1 of my marathon training.
I found out that I have misplaced my HR monitor so I've ordered a new one. I'm going to start watching that on my workouts also.
Today also began my phase 1 diet. I've weighed in but I'm not telling what it is. But I will update when I do have a lose.


tri-mama said...

You'll be surprised to see how much bosu helps improve your core strength and thereby running strength. I've tried yoga at home, and that gets a lot of laughs from the kids-but sometimes they even join me. I'm glad we can laugh at ourselves. :-)

Juls said...

My sister just bought a BOSA ball (or 1/2 ball rather). I hear it is great. Apparently it can work on brain development too (probably more in kids). I'll have to send her to your blog - although she isn't into the blogging scene.

I saw your post on homecoming below (again). I just found out that our school is having a homecoming tailgate party. I didn't know. I guess I'd better keep a better eye on the website. You can rely on some teens to keep you informed until the last minute.

Lisa said...

A friend from work did BOSU and she begged me to join her next time. I told her I'd give it a go. I told her that I'm open to it AFTER my marathon...tee hee...