Thursday, October 12, 2006


SPIN: 60 MIN / AVE H.R.=150 / MAX H.R.= 171

When I left work at 4pm today, my plan was to get a few things done at home the spin from 6-7 with Mary. I got home at 430 and then it began. Bino was cutting the front yard ran out of gas in the middle. Hooch needed picked up from cheer. Supper needed to be made. It is going to be 30 tomorrow and Bino has no long pants that fit for school. I need to go to the drycleaners. It just kept going to the point that in my menopausal life -I just got pissed. I called Hubby at work and he listened patiently to my ranting. He called back told me to go to spin-he would deal with things. I changed my clothes and went. By the time I got home, everything was taken care of . I was in a much better mood and had White Castle waiting for me in the microwave. You can't get much better than that.

The spinning class was a great workout. I got my HR monitor in the mail so I was able to use it again. We did a mixed terrain workout which include some fast flts into hills.


Dori said...

Sometimes I'm just insane before I get to my workout. It's nice to know I'm not the only one. Husbands know that the best thing for them is for us to get our exercise in. :-)
Good for him for picking up the slack. I love spin class.

Lisa said...

Yep, sometimes hubby DOES know best!

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