Wednesday, October 11, 2006



Tuesday was a planned off day. I help with a Y-Me Breast Cancer support group at the hospital. The meeting goes from 6-730 and I hoped to get something in afterword. It actually ended at 810pm and that was gently helping the ladies to the door. I hate to do that but I had already been at work for 12 hours. There were 9 survivors tonight and we talked about alot of good things.
Today , I got off work at noon but I met up with my husband to take him to pick up his car which was 90 min. away. By the time I drove there- got lost-then drove home,it was 5pm and time to pick up Hooch from cheerleading. She brought a friend home. Her boyfriend stopped over with his friend. I then made dinner. It was only chili dogs and mac & cheese. Before i knew it ,the time was 8pm. I was exhausted. No running tonight.

I have been eating better this week so it isn't all bad. Tomorrow , I am going to spin. It will be a good workout because Mary is back from Moab.

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*jeanne* said...

You're going out to do Flying Pig?
I want to run that someday, I've heard it's a BLAST!
And I want to see the people running in pig snouts!