Thursday, October 05, 2006



I have alot of things going on this week. Getting in any training just wasn't happening. It's homecoming week for my kids High School. So we have bonfires and alot of activities going on. On top of that I have more training at work which always stresses me alittle. Then I scheduled the cableguy to come and upgrade some services Weds. After the 3 of them left and said that everything was done -I now have a new cable that needs buried in my back yard. Oh and nothing worked. I called and scheduled them to come back Thurs.

Thurs was the perfect day to get out and train. 70 and sunny. But for me-I spent the day agruing with the cable company and finally got someone to come out late in the day. Everything works now and I got a month of service free but I lost another day. This weekend has alot going on and I hope to get a couple of workouts in.

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