Tuesday, October 03, 2006


My downfall right now is the doughnut with White icing and jelly filling.! Phase one was to include weight loss which is just not happening. Every morning I am drawn to the cafeteria and like an addict I have to buy my doughnut.(I do drink diet Mountain Dew with it) I believe if I can overcome this weakness or eat so many they make me puke I'll be better off. I will ween myself to every other day(starting next week) Thanks for listening!


21st Century Mom said...

That looks like poison on a plate to me. Just go cold turkey. 2 weeks from now you won't even believe you could eat that junk. My guess is that you have ingested about 15 grams of sugar and 30 grams of fat by the time you get done with the donut and Diet Mt. Dew. That accounts for a little over 1/2 the amount you should eat all day. That thing about diet soda canceling out the calories in the donut is a myth, my friend! Just.Say.No. You'll feel better. Really - you will.

Anonymous said...

Maybe just try one or two a week, rather than daily. Or make it a reward after a hard workout or a race. Or set a if I do this much this week, I get this. I don't think you have to get rid of all of the junk, just limit it.
Good luck, "gettin jiggy with the piggy". I love that!!!

The Spandex-King said...

anonymous??? That was me