Thursday, November 30, 2006



Three days in a row! I know it won't be four. I actually am feeling pumped that I'm getting back into a routine. I felt good tonight. My heart rate was lower tonight. I think when I'm on the treadmill I run an easier pace.

Looking forward to the weekend,my hubby will be back from Cleveland. I hope to take a spin class and run 60 min. I still have 22 weeks until the marathon so I know I'm ok.

Waddling into a snowy night.........

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sharon said...

When you've had a family crisis like you just went through it does feel great to get back into your training routine doesn't it? There is comfort in our routine daily life. I'm sorry for your family's loss.
You mentioned in your last post about using your HR monitor more. I've found it very helpful for several years now. It's good to go back a few weeks or months and find a similar workout at a similar pace and compare avg HR. I can usually tell when I'm getting sick when the avg HR goes up for similar efforts.