Sunday, November 05, 2006


Tomorrow , is week#1 of marathon training. As with all plans, I know I have to be flexible but I have set some week by week goals. I did read this weekend in Runner's world that 60 min of cross-training of cardio is equivalent of 5 miles of running. That made me feel better as I plan to spin alot for my cross-training.

Here it is:
Mon. : RUN: 30 min.
Tue. : SPIN: 60 min.
Wed. : RUN : 30 min.
Thu. : SPIN : 60 min.
Fri. : OFF
Sat. : SPIN : 60 min
SUN. : RUN :45 min.

Waddling to the Pig......................


D said...

Thanks for your kind comment. Your line of work - though I'm sure rewarding - must be difficult. I applaud you. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family as well.

Schedule looks good! Re: your daughter - Oh - I remember those first driving days well. When she received her permit, I let her drive to school. (I was in the passengers seat.) As we pulled up, I was hanging tightly on to the "oh shit" handle above the door. There were two administrative people standing in the parking lot. I must have had a scared to death expression on my face because they couldn't help but laugh. They are probably used to seeing parents in this state often!

Irene said...

Just found you on Dori's blog! Just wanted to stop by and say hello, and good luck on your training for your may marathon!