Saturday, November 04, 2006



Alot has been going on the past week ,I haven't had any time to get to the computer.

Work has gotten incredibly busy which isn't good in a cancer center. We are down to 1 treatment machine until our new one gets operational in February. On friday we began treating at 630am and finished at 6pm.

Hooch had cheerleading tryouts, Bino started practice with the bowling team. These things were miles apart so I just put my taxi sign up on my car. Hooch is 16 and reminds me if I would just let her get her liscence it would be sooo much easier. I don't agree. Especially if you've riden with her.

My father in law has had a tough week. He is still having radiation to his brain. Now having nausea and vomiting. He is in the ER right now in Cleveland. They are doing a CT so I'm saying my prayers.

As far as training that has sucked. But Monday is week 1 of my 26 week training schedule for the marathon. I felt good on the treadmill today. Tomorrow I'll try to make Tony's spin class. Thursday I did go to spin an Mary had a killer workout to some of my music I gave her but I just wasn't clikcing in with everything on my mind. It did help to go.

One other thing-today is Ironman Florida. I'm watching Nancy Toby(2484) and Trimama(2297) with excitement and cheering them on. Good luck to you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!

Waddling off.......


Mary Sunshine said...

Hi Waddler!

I'm also a visitor to Misty's site and I noticed you are getting ready for the Flying Pig. Great to hear! I'm from Cinci and have done the Pig twice now. Quite a fun race!!

I'm watching the IMFL finishes on video...very exciting!

Enjoy your training. If you have any questions about Cinci or the Pig, please let me know.

Mary Sunshine

Joe said...

So sorry to hear of your father in laws status...I know that's been on your mind and heart. My best to you all.

As a cancer specialist, you know all the ins and outs. I'm sure you will be a wonderful resource in it all!