Thursday, December 28, 2006



I did make it to the gym tonight. I was another great ride. We did alot of long hills tonight so I know that I will feel it in my legs tomorrow. I can't find my HR monitor so I guess I'll just have to order another one. I've started to pay more attention to that especially in spin.

I am currently working on revision#4 of my training schedule for the Flying Pig Marathon. I have been looking for a sidebar training log that keeps track of time not miles. It has taken an adjustment period not to think in miles. I think in multisport training you find that. A friend asked about not looking at the miles and why not keep track of what you run in a certain time. I think it's because I am so OCD about have the miles rounded to 2.0 not 2.18. I am still in the pondering stage.

This is the second race that I have signed up for in 2007.(3/19) It fit perfectly? into my training plan. The course is noted for the hills and bad weather. If I'm going to do it--bring it on!

The other piece of my training is my weight. I now weigh the most ever and I am 20 lbs. over my last marathon weight. I need to lose weight without compromising my training. So that becomes another aspect to ponder.I had a nutricounter but they now have an updated model. I went online and ordered one to start watching my calories and diet. As with everone Jan1 will be a big day!

Waddling and pondering.......


21st Century Mom said...

I don't know about minutes vs. miles but it seems like as good a way as any to build up endurance.

I do know about food, though and writing down everything I eat is far and away the most powerful weight control mechanism I know. No denial! It's hard to keep gaining weight when you actually see how many calories you are eating. Taking it one step further I commit to cutting out something in particular that I have a weakness for (like too much snacking on cheese or eating chips) and I try to keep the caloric intake below what I burn. It tends to work.

Happy New Year and good luck with your training!

Joe said...

Having a Plan is so key. In manufacturing, we talk a lot about PDCA...Plan, Do, Check, Adjust. You have all the tools to do that cycle, both on the running and on the weight.

Being public, as in the blog, is also good.

Also, very good, is to be through with the holidays!!!

You will be fine...the Pig awaits!