Wednesday, December 27, 2006



I am taking one more day off. I am feeling better but not great. Everything is finally breaking up in my chest and I've coughed up a few fur balls. The marathon is 18 weeks from Sunday. I have the plan laid out. I feel like because of different things happening that I've restarted my training 4 times. This has got to be it.

My MIL flew home to Cleveland today and Bino went back with her for a few days. She was wonderful to have here for the holidays. She has picked out an area to build about 10 miles from here in an over 55 community. She is so excited. Next week her home in Cleveland will go on the market. For the first time in months this is a little sunshine in the future. We will always miss Dad but we have come to a turning point to go on.

Waddling to a relaxing evening..........


D said...

It's better to get yourself to 100% and then start training rather than train and not recover as quickly. Feel better.

Vickie said...

18 weeks is a good plan. If all goes well, you should have plenty of time. Rest, recover, and start over next year!

Spandex King said...

Listen to your body. I try to think will this workout make me stronger or weaker when I'm sick. Those programs are tough though. They make you feel like your just losing ground when your sick. Take Care and rest.

Oh yea, and drink water and chicken soup. As Mom would say.

sharon said...

Dr. Sharon says never train with a fever.
When you start back keep your first few runs short and easy.
Don't get impatient - I know when you've got a marathon in 18 weeks, it's hard not to stress over lost runs. It'll be OK though.

Mary Sunshine said...

Part of the wonder of this process of being an endurance athlete is trying to understand and balance everything. We try to stress the body a little to build it up stronger but we also try to learn about when to take breaks. and in the end, I think it's important to appreciate the journey as much, if not more, than the destination. I tried yoga yesterday so now I'm all spiritually enlightened but my hips hurt like crazy ;-)

Wishing you complete healing and happy winter miles!