Tuesday, December 05, 2006


SPIN : 60 MIN : AVE HR= 134 / MAX =160

Tonight everything fell into place to make it to spin class. I knew Mary my favorite instructor was still off with her broken leg from mountain biking I got my bike next to Rhonda and looked up to see my least favorite. SHe teaches a very easy class but her music sucks(sorry). I did get the workout in and got home early. I was in my PJs and in bed by 830 ready to read my new Runner's WOrld. It was MIA. I am so tired - I'll try tomorrow.

Waddling in my PJs................


Joe said...

A solid hour spinning...your getting back into it!! Even with this cold spell about to hit us!!

IronSnoopy said...

When spin is good, it is really good. When it is bad, it is really, really bad. Good job sticking it out! There's nothing worse than bad music.