Wednesday, December 06, 2006


RUN: 30min. / TREADMILL / 5R:4W / 13:00 PACE / AVE HR=143

Again ,I headed for the treadmill because of the ice and temperature(and I'm a wimp).In my plan to reach my goal ,I've added a weekly tempo run. According to Runner's world Calculator and Mcmillan , I should run my tempo runs at a pace of 12:13 min/mile. Tonight on the treadmill, I did 13:00 pace. Iit was certainly challenging. I will try to increase it every week to where I need to be. My legs really felt the difference. Tomoroow will be an easy run. I can't believe that it will make 6 days in a row for me!!!

Waddling to pick up Hooch from cheer............

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