Saturday, December 02, 2006


RUN: 60min./ Treadmill /4R:1W / AVE HR=143 / AVE RUN PACE 14:26

Today was my first long run in my marathon training. I know 60 min. isn't a long run to most but considering the time I've been off ,it feels like a good place to start. Next week I'll up it to 75 min. with a longer weekday run of 45 min. I also hope to get to spinning again.

I grabbed a treadmill facing out the window today. The snow looked beautiful. It felt good to sweat when it was only 19 outside. I got to the gym early so it was not crowded yet. I am so excited to be getting back into some sort of a routine.

Waddling on the treadmill.............


Joe said...

Congrats on the Saturday long run...feels good!

21st Century Mom said...

60 minutes on a treadmill is an eternity. Good for you.

Charles said...

You have to start somewhere and 60 minutes is a long time to run during this time of year. I am lucky enough to be in California where I can actually still run outside. I can't begin to imagine training for a marathon on a treadmill :-(