Saturday, December 16, 2006



I spent all day on Friday trying to figure out what to do in my training this weekend. My hubby and Bino went to Florida for a drag racing thing. Hooch was busy all weekend. The weather was going to be decent. First thought -biking outside. No still alittle cold. I need to do a long run but there is a great 2 hour spin at the gym. I'm not that far in to the marathon training that I couldn't substitute. I could actually run outside with Dakota and not go on the treadmill.

The decision was to go out with Dakota. I tried to keep my pace at about 14:00 but everytime I looked at my watch it was at 12:45-13:00. I was going to do the ratio 4:1 but I got lost in the music most of the time. By the time that I got back to the house my legs were alittle pooped.

It's amazing though that when you run outside you can think so much clearer. My thoughts were going to next weekend when my mother in law is in for XMAS. It will be her first year alone. But at our house with 2 kids ,2 dogs, 2 cats, and 3 goldfish,it is always interesting.

I am finally starting to get into the spirit of the season. My tree is up. (No ornaments but it's a start) . I bought 6 presents. So maybe I'm on the way. Also I'm having dinner with a friend then if not too much under the influence going to a party with some biking maniacs. LOL.

Waddling to the ornament box......


Joe Ely said...

I too find the outside to be stimulatinig to the thinking. That's the best part of running, it seems to me.

An excellent 90 minute run at that pace...good for you.

I'm sure you will be a good host to your mother-in-law. Christmas could be tough. My Dad died on Christmas Eve in 1993...each year brings a new rememberance. If you listen well and are there, that will be a wonderful gift to her.

Vickie said...

Well, I guess I won't feel guilty not having my tree decorated yet either. I almost thought about forgetting about it, but then invited my sister and her family over for Christmas day, so now I am going to be forced to get this done! Great run. So much nicer to be outside whenever you can. I'm sure the good weather won't last.

sharon said...

Once it got into the 2nd week of December and still no tree I decided not to bother. I'm not too motivated because my girls will be in Ohio with their dad for Christmas anyway. I kind of feel like it's not worth the time and energy. Honest, I'm not a scroge.

Mary Sunshine said...

Hi Waddler!

Great job on your recent workouts! Let's hope it's a mild winter.

I find I can handle the stress and expectations of the holidays much better if I get the workout in. It's a gift to have such a sure fix.



ps. sport beans do rock. Can just leave them there to dissolve slow or woof down a whole pack. How nice to have choices! ;-) I once told a woman running her first marathon on her 50th birthday --but she was stopped with a cramp--that the beans had magical powers and would take the cramps away... She finished the race strong!!!